Front Office

Your web service looking and functioning the way you want it, without technical limitations. Easy content updates from any location and computer. Front Office has all the functions your web service needs today and tomorrow.

What is Front Office

Front Office is a platform for developing web services. It includes a ready-made back end with functions to manage content, forms and service structure, all usable without technical expertise. On the other hand, developers can use live WYSIWYG HTML-editors to create code more easily.

Focus on how things look and work

Because Front Office is a ready-made framework for web services, the programming can focus on the usability and visual layout of the user interface. The system uses templates with parameterized functions and elements. This enables more variations to the pages and easy cross-linking of the content. 

Continuous development

Front Office adapts to changes in your business environment, such as adding new channel, functionality or report. No separate solution with high maintenance and costs is needed.

Replacing existing systems

Front Office is a drop-in solution without having to re-engineer your business processes. The structure and content of your old system can be copied into the Front Office, regardless what the old content management system is. All types of databases can be used. The old content is first fetched and then divided to use the templates of Front Office.

Automated conversions enable you to secure your existing services while building new design. During the process, the existing applications and scripts remain unmodified, ensuring safe transition and not compromising your business continuity.

  • Collect information

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   o Included, - Optional

Pages look exactly same in editing mode as published
Style based text editing
Standard forms, e.g. feedback and search
Upload, scale and lay out in WYSIWYG
Style based table editing
Live WYSIWYG HTML-editor
Quick copy-paste for HTML code 



Page structure
Drag'n drop based handling of page structure, auto-generated menus
Hidden pages and timed publishing
Upload documents, images and videos. Drag'n drop based file handling
Background images
Page specific background images, preview in WYSIWYG
Editable forms, logic fields (reply messages can contain reference number, price,
reservation number etc.). Answers are saved into database and Excel file.
Page specific version management
User groups and rights
Group based rights management (administrator, internal and external users)
Visibility of documents and pages
Visibility setup for single pages and documents based on user groups
Filtered views
Content preview based on user groups
User specific language

Technical Details


Based on PHP + MySQL + Apache server
Server environment: Linux
SSL, encrypted passwords and user-specific rights
Optional Active Directory integration

Integration compatibility


Old systems can be based on: PHP, ASP, Perl, Python, .NET  o
Database: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2...  o
Content: all dynamic and static HTML -sites

Environment for CMS tools


Browser support
Firefox 3.0+ (Windows, Mac, Linux), Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows)