All your marketing material served as you want it. Your message, campaigns and documents. Published when and where you want it. Codesigner is home for your continuously evolving brand.

What is Codesigner

Codesigner is a platform for managing websites and services. Marketing teams and company executives can update content and structure with Codesigner without any technical expertise. Replace your old content management systems and manage all your websites with one tool.

Publishing management

Codesigner lets you decide when and where the content will be published. Each page has a set of options that can be set to suit any process of publishing. Create content once and update it to several places at the same time.

Richer content

Codesigner lets you show videos, games and manage blogs on your website. You can also lift up key information with news pick-ups and tickers. Banner ads and campaigns can be set to change in advance.

Library of building blocks

How do you obtain the functionalities you need for a particular page? Codesigner lets you decide from a list of building blocks. You can create new pages that differ from each other and are linked to the related content.

  • Mobile sites

    Your service can be much more than just a website. Codesigner can auto-generate
    mobile version of your website.  Learn more

  • Calculators

    Visualize your services and help your customers discover the benefits for them.  Learn more

  • Material and media bank

    What is the best way to present your products and press material?          Codesigner’s media bank lets the
           user decide.  Learn more

Content and Structure

   o Included, - Optional

Design of Page hierarchy
Unlimited number of pages
Design of templates-pages
Front page, content pages, sitemap, search and feedback pages
Places for advertising
Multi-country and multi-language support
Content input
Bringing the old sites content and new material feeding



Flash-banner on front page
News pick-ups
Standard forms, e.g. feedback and search
Search functionalities
Sitemap  o
Discussion forum and commenting  -
Event calendar
Customized ways to search and present events
Client specific databases
Customized ways to collect and present data (in member register, business directory, product catalog)
Page specific attachments and documents
Page specific discussion
Can be turned on/off for each page
Notifications of new content
Notifications of new content and documents on the front page
User group specifics contents
Content visibility is based on user groups
Self-editable passwords
Self-editable contact information  -
User statistics
Statistics of site usage and timed e-mail reports (Google Analytics)

Technical Details


Standard based technology
CSS, XHTML, relational database
Integration to 3rd party services available
Automatic backups
Search Engine Optimization
Website urls in search engine friendly form,
Page specific and inherited metadata, semantic XHTML
SSL, encrypted passwords and user-specific rights
Optional Active Directory integration

Environment for CMS tools


Browser support
Firefox 3.0+ (Windows, Mac, Linux), Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows)



Pages look exactly same in editing mode as published
Style based text editing
Internal quick-linking and standard external links 
Upload, scale and lay out in WYSIWYG
Style based table-editing



Page structure
Drag'n drop based handling of page structure, auto-generated menus
Hidden pages and timed publishing
Upload documents, images and videos. Drag'n drop based file handling
Background images
Page specific background images, preview in WYSIWYG
Editable forms, logic fields (reply messages can contain reference number, price,
reservation number etc.). Answers are saved into database and Excel file.
Search engine optimization
Editable and inherited page discription and keywords
Page specific version management
News pick-ups
Defining the target of pick-ups
Discussion forum and commenting
Moderation of incoming mesages
Create A4-documents online. Version managements, customized templates, pdf-export
Create presentations online. Version management, customized templates, pdf-export.
User groups and rights
Group based rights management (administrator, internal and external users)
Visibility of documents and pages
Visibility setup for single pages and documents based on user groups
Filtered views
Content preview based on user groups
User specific language



Printable user guide, video tutorials
Phone and e-mail support

Frequently Asked Questions

Login fails. I have the right password but the I can't get in. What could be the problem?

Answer: Make sure you're using the newest version of Firefox.  Also enable Javascript in your browser. If necessary, ask your companys IT-support to help you install the Firefox into your computer.

When I try to log in I get a 'Wrong password'-notice, what should I do?

Answer: In order to receive new password, contact the people responsible for maintaining the page, in your own company or contact Codesign.

Text editing: pressing 'enter' makes the next line jump too far, how can I prevent this?

Answer: Pressing 'shift' + 'enter' makes carriage return, pressing just 'enter' creates a new paragraph.

I copy-pasted text from Word-document and the font styles are wrong, what to do?

Answer: High-light the text you copied and press the 'Clear style' -icon in the top tool bar. This should make the text turn into a basic text. Afterwards you can create different headlines using the text editing tools of the Codesigner.

I uploaded an image but it's not in the 'Files'-folder, where can I find it?

Answer: The file can bee found in the 'Sitemap' under the page of your original location. The picture has been uploaded as a page attachement. This is useful when the image used for that page alone. If you wish to place it in the 'Files' -folder instead, choose it from the 'top toolbar', open the subfolder where you want to put it, and click the 'upload'-icon in top toolbar.

I uploaded an image but it doesn't appear into the content area, what's wrong?

Answer: Make sure the image format is .JPG or .GIF. Also the color profile of the image has to be RGB, not CMYK.

I clicked on a image on a page but it doesn't activate, how can I change it?

Answer: It might be a background image, not part of the editable content. Click the 'Background' -icon in the 'top toolbar'. The image should appear in a list on the left and you can select another image.

Picture might be also hardcoded and it can be only changed from the source code. In this case, contact your website's technical support.

What is the difference between 'Publish date' and 'Visible date'?

Answer: 'Publish date' is auto-generated by the system, where as 'Visible date' is published into the content of the public website.

What is the difference between 'Save' and 'Publish'-button?

Answer: 'Save'-button saves the changes made into the content of the page. If the page is already public, changes are automatically published. 'Publish'-button publishes the changes of the website structure: new pages, moving a page in the menus etc.

How can I download a document that is in the Codesigner?

Answer: Choose the document from the 'Sitemap' or from the 'Files'-folder. The file name and icon appears on the content area on the rigth, rigth-click the file icon and choose 'save as' in order to download it to your computer.

I created a page in Codesigner but it doesn't show up in the public website, why is that?

Answer: In the Codesigner, look from  the 'Sitemap' what is the color of the name of the page. If it is:

  • Red: the page is not published. To publish it, open the 'Rights and Visibility' parameters in the 'Dashboard' and check 'Publish'

  • Grey: the page is hidden from menus. To show the page in menus,  open the "Rights and Visibility" parameters and uncheck the 'Hide'.

I created a new page but the layout is wrong, how can I change it?

Answer: Choose another template: Open the 'Basic Settings' parameters in the 'Dashboard' change the 'template'. You can find out the name of the rigth template by navigating to a rigth looking page in Codesigner and checking its template.

How can I convert one page template to another without messing up the content?

Answer: Different templates might have different amount of content fields and submenus. If the template misses a submenu or a content field, they might not be visible. The missing content will appear again if you return the template style to the original.

If there is no template that suits your purposes, please contact the website maintenance for possible template change requests.

How can I see the URL or the address of the page that I created?

Answer: On the public website, go to that particular page. The URL is shown in the address field of the browser.

I click the 'Upload' -icon but nothing happens, why is that?

Answer: Your internet connection might be slow or braken up. In this case, push the browsers refresh-button in order to refresh the connection to the servers.

A link doesn't lead to the rigth destination, instead it leads to the frontpage, why is that?

Answer: The link in is no longer valid, the URL in it doesn't exist or the destination page has been renamed. Login to the Codesigner edit the link.