Final looking product before it exists. General overview of the content and the functions that create usability. Prototyper ensures that your product development goes in to the right direction.

What is Prototyper

Prototyper is a platform for managing the web design process and creating a specification for the product development. It provides an environment where to visualize business ideas and test functionalities. With Prototyper you can manage the structure, content, user rights, and version history without technical expertise.

Marriage of reason

The main idea of the Prototyper is to make all interest groups to look into the same direction – to carve the same wood. It provides an access to business people to feed content, graphical designers to create the visual looks, programmers to create functions, and end users to say what's missing.

Test drive new business ideas

The idea is to create the look and feel of the final product and test drive it with experts and end users. This may mean step-by-step approach, starting with visualizations of the content and proceeding towards functional menus and templates. Evaluating the course in every step of the way.

Importing existing systems

The structure and content of your old system can be copied into the Prototyper, regardless what the old content management system is. All types of databases can be used. The old content is first fetched and then divided to use the templates of Prototyper.

Inclusive specification

Prototype itself works as a specification for the implementation team. It not only draws the big picture, but also tells exactly what content will be in the end. The visual elements, structure and code can all be used in the final product.

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   o Included, - Optional

Pages look exactly same in editing mode as published
Style based text editing
Standard forms, e.g. feedback and search
Upload, scale and lay out in WYSIWYG
Style based table editing
Live WYSIWYG HTML-editor
Quick copy-paste for html code 

User feedback


Page specific commenting  o



Page structure
Drag 'n drop based handling of page structure, auto-generated menus
Hidden pages and timed publishing
Upload documents, images and videos. Drag'n drop based file handling
Background images
Page specific background images, preview in WYSIWYG
Editable forms, logic fields (reply messages can contain reference number, price,
reservation number etc.). Answers are saved into database and Exel file
Page specific version management
User groups and rights
Group based rights management (administrator, internal and external users)
Visibility of documents and pages
Visibility setup for single pages and documents based on user groups
Filtered views
Content preview based on user groups
User specific language

Technical Details


Based on PHP + MySQL + Apache server
Server environment: Linux
SSL, encrypted passwords and user-specific rights
Optional Active Directory integration

Integration compatibility

   o Included, - Optional

Old systems can be based on: PHP, ASP, Perl, Python, .NET  o
Database: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2...  o
Content: all dynamic and static HTML -sites

Environment for the CMS tools

   o Included, - Optional

Browser support
Firefox 3.0+ (Windows, Mac, Linux), Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows)